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All proceeds support Wildhorse Therapeutic Riding Program.

Originals and Covers by Kari Ann Owen Please enjoy “Who Needs a Man When You’ve Got a Dog? “. This song is for all survivors.

We offer our supporters two ways to show their support to Wildhorse Therapeutic Riding Program. You can either choose to make a One-time Donation or an On-going Monthly Donation by using the “Donate Button” below. You can also choose to purchase our music from below. The monies earned from the sale of our music goes towards the continued funding of the Wildhorse Therapeutic Riding Program.

Please feel free to use the “Donate button” to show your support for the program even if you don’t wish to buy the music. All monies go directly to Wildhorse’s Paypal account helping us to continue to run the Wildhorse Therapeutic Riding Program.

Please donate what you are able.

Do you prefer to mail a check to Wildhorse! Therapeutic Riding Program?

Please send to the Missoula Federal Credit Union, For Deposit: Account 277887, 2610 North Reserve Street, Missoula MT 59808.


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