Mom T. Speaks about the Benefits of the Wild Horse Riding Program

Our program director Dr. Kari Ann Owen sat down with Mom T for a candid interview about the benefits she’s realized from children she has partaking in the Wild Horse Riding Program.


Mom T. has been bringing these delightful children to Wildhorse for several months now. These brave children are winning their battles with the post-traumatic syndrome and social anxiety they’ve acquired, as a result of the unfulfilled roles of their original parents.


Wildhorse: Why did you choose our Wild Horse Riding Program?

Mom T: The kids always liked horses. I saw Wildhorse’s advertisement for open lesson times, and I decided to bring the kids to see what the program is like.

Wildhorse: How has the children’s participation in the program helped them in dealing with their trauma?

Mom T: They seem happier at the deepest core of their hearts and imagination. They’re taking direction well, and are willing to help each other. They show empathy and concern for human and animal participants and are always willing to learn new things.

Wildhorse: How is their behavior at home since they’ve been involved in the Wild Horse Program?

Mom T.: They are more relaxed, and able to meet many situations with a new inner calm.

Note from Wildhorse: These brave children have progressed to winter trail riding up a hill and jumping over ground poles and small jumps. They’ve have made marvelous progress as human beings and equestrians in an astonishingly short time, counted in months.

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